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We make small batch comfort foods, with the homemade taste you are looking for, and memories you remember fondly.

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We would appreciate you taking a moment today to discover our line of small-batch comfort foods.

Our goal is to preserve and simplify the comfort foods we crave and the recipes to make them.

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We Help You?

We encourage you to reach out to us today with questions you may have.

We have answered our most popular question conveniently, alongside our contact form.

We are open to new product ideas, be sure to share your suggestions with us.

Bill and Lana's

Favorite Recipes

It brings us great joy to share our favorite recipes, tips, and tricks with you. We focus on lending a hand in preparing and making the foods we enjoy.

We would also like to extend a warm invitation to you to share your favorite recipes with us.

Bringing Home Generations of Flavor.

Bill, Lana and Lil Willy's

Recipes, Tips, Tricks, and Give Aways

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Sharing our passion for

Everything Food

We enjoy all aspects of food and cooking

  • Sifting through old, handwritten recipes.
  • Thumbing through a cookbook for the first time.
  • We are on a constant scavenger hunt on the lookout for exciting ingredients, some new and some old.
  • Still, most of all, it's the comfort it gives us and to others, but most of all, the excitement of sharing.

We share our favorite

Recipes and Tips

Comfort Food, not just the food we grew up with but the food we have also grown to appreciate. Such as ethnic foods that continually evolve and shape our country.

  • American Barbecue
  • Grilled and Live Fire Cooking
  • Pizza, Tacos and Burgers

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Bill, Lana and Lil Willy

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Time Honored Recipes

Begin With Simple Ingredients


We Peddle Flavor.

Old Fashion Service: We believe in making a personal connection with our customers, so go ahead and reach out to us; we look forward to talking with you soon.

The Result? We don't take your support for granted; it is earned with every purchase and much appreciated.

Our Homemade Taste: We start with Mom's recipes, no cutting corners. We make them the same way she did, with care and pride

The Result? Wee Willy's homemade taste has no limits; it's enjoyed by young and old alike. It's The same homemade taste you remember fondly and crave. You, too, will be hooked with just one taste.

Quality Ingredients and Value: Mom never used cheap, inferior ingredients or fillers, and neither do we. Mom knew the value of homemade; it wasn't always less expensive, but she knew it was better for us, and the homemade taste was well worth her effort.

The Result? Wee Willy's delivers outstanding value, with clean labels and the distinct homemade taste you crave.

Small Batches: We decided to make Wee Willy's in small batches, something big food companies elect not to do to protect their bottom line. We have chosen to carry on like mom. We are using small batches to preserve the ingredients' natural flavor and integrity.

The Result? With today’s fast pace our consistent, homemade taste and value you'll surly appreciate.

Listening to Our Customers: Customers have reached out to us, asking that we keep their needs in mind, and we do just that by minimizing, and when at all possible, avoiding the use of sensitive ingredients:

  • MSG
  • Trans Fat
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Wheat Gluten
The Result? Products that make it easy for you to choose and enjoy eating.

It's About Being Local: When you choose Wee Willy's, you're buying more than sauces and spices; you're buying into a local company serving local tastes with honest, clean products created the old fashioned way.

The Result? You become vested in our business. You can be proud that what you feed your family helps us to provide for ours. Thank you!


World Champion

Barbecue Sauce

We have created six unique barbecue sauces that honor the southern barbecue tradition. Each one of our barbecue sauces is handcrafted and kettled cook.

Each of them represents a different regional BBQ Sauce, including our Original Formula, It's "Minnesota Style Barbecue™."


Wee Willy's

Sandwich Topper

We think sandwiches are a good thing and ought not to be boring.

That's where a dollop and smear of Wee Willy's Zesty Pepper Relish comes in. Its sweet and zest mix of peppers are your insurance against boring, mediocre sandwiches. Be prepared to be hooked; it's that good.


Dry Marinade

Seasoning Blends

Wet marinaded foods will not brown. The excessive surface moisture impedes the development of the mallard reaction and caramelization.

Wee Willy's Dry Marinades do the opposite; they encourage the development of flavor bombs, the mallard reaction, and caramelization.


Around the World

Grilling Sauce

Wee Willy's, Around the World Grilling Sauce, and Marinades are a tasty, easy way to add a unique punch of flavor.

Reach out today, and try something new to flavor your grilled meat, fish, seafood, and veggies. You will soon be thanking us and telling your friends.


We Make Great

Tasting Salsa

It starts with vine-ripened tomatoes. So we went to work securing a consistent supply of tomatoes with a bright, fresh flavor.

We add our blend of spices to complement the bright, fresh flavor of our tomatoes, with the right amount of jalapeños for your pallet and a splash of lime juice.


Our Family's

Pasta Sauce

Our recipe for making our family's pasta sauce is delicious and flavorful, and that's no accident.

We hand select vine-ripened tomatoes, Italian seasoning, cheese, a drizzle of olive oil, and our secret, a pinch of crushed pepper, all slowly simmer to develop flavor, as mom had taught us.



Meal Starter

We've packed Wee Willy's Meal Starters full of flavor, value, and convenience you'll appreciate.

Wee Willy's Meal Starters will quickly become your secret to making comfort food. We've made them easy and convenient for you to make a quick and tasty meal with confidence.


Mom's Delicious

Salad Dressing

Raise your next salad to crave-able, with one of Wee Willy's Salad dressings.

Red French is the Best French Dressing ever, but you be the judge and be sure to let us know.

Wee Willy's White French has an irresistible sweet and sour taste with a hint of celery seed.

"Wee Willy's, the Original Minnesota Style Barbecueâ„¢"

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